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Our first project is to gather proof of cases where seized or stray dogs have been returned to their owners in poor condition. We have interest in this from 2 barristers, a solicitor and several other professionals. 

The advice we got is that it may be more successful for people to jointly complain where possible to get complaints acted upon. 

Contact us if you have proof and your dog was returned to you in a bad state.

Lazy Dog

If your dog has been returned to you in poor condition, please ensure you do the following:

  • take good photos from all angles

  • get a vet check immediately

  • ask your solicitor to request a copy of the kennel records

  • contact us for what to do next

  • ideally, if you think your dog might be taken away, get a vet check before it happens for comparison 

Thanks to all so far.  We have 3 complete cases with proof and will be taking this further soon.  Keep talking to us in confidence. 

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