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CPD Courses for Dog Professionals and Owners

These courses were created to assist in keeping skills up to date for those working with dogs. Most run for 4-8 hours and are accredited for CPD points where marked as such.  Others are going through accreditation. 

Enquiries are confidential, use our contact page to get in touch. 

The courses can be delivered at a workplace or via Zoom.

Use the contact page to make an enquiry, we will send you a welcome letter with further information.

Aimed at Professionals and Owners (useful for most people working with dogs: owners, wardens, handlers, groomers, walkers, trainers etc.)

  • RISK ASSESSMENTS FOR DOG PROFESSIONALS G003 covering recognising and understanding risks, reasonable adjustments and how to write a risk assessment. ACCREDITED 5 CPD points 

  • INTRODUCTION TO DOG LAW P003 liability, criminal offences, defending cases and civil offences ACCREDITED 11 CPD points

  • INTRODUCTION TO HANDLING DANGEROUS DOGS G004  (use of restraint and protection equipment, assessing risk, dog body language) ACCREDITED 10 CPD POINTS

  • GOOD PRACTICE IN KENNEL MANAGEMENT K001 (policies for dealing with dogs, staff and routine) ACCREDITED 5 CPD POINTS

  • EXPERT WITNESS IN DANGEROUS DOGS E001 (guidance for experienced behaviourists wishing to become court expert witnesses) ACCREDITED 215 CPD POINTS 
    NOTE: this course is 10 modules and is likely to take several months to complete. It is mainly done via home exercises, study and dog assessments. There is some Zoom support and a contract between DogLine and candidates is required to be accepted on the course.  A letter explaining more is available on request.



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